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Control your multimedia content

Interact with what interests you the most by download the SkrinAd mobile app for Android and iOS. SkrinAd allows users control what they want to see and when they want to see it, serving you interest based multimedia content and surveys tailored to their exact personality and interest. Ads don’t have to be viewed only, why not view and earn rewards.


How It Works


To use the application, you must have a valid account; Create an account on the SkrinAd application and begin earning rewards.

View Content

SkrinAd sends periodic notifications for multimedia contents (images, videos, web links and surveys, allowing users to interact with the contents or dismiss them if not needed.

Get Rewarded

For every content the device downloads from the SkrinAd server, the user gets reward points which can get up to 5x the amount when the user interacts with the media. These reward points can be used to purchase airtime and pay bills or converted to cash

Reward Channels

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Cash and Payment

Transfer Cash to your bank accounts, pay for Bills and Services or your favourite lotto with you SkrinAd wallet balance


Make Donations to your favourite charities and Humanitarian cause using your SkrinAd wallet balance


Transfer your SkrinAd balance to another SkrinAd user easily and fast



SkrinAd allows you to launch your multimedia campaign with surveys and content. Your audience gets paid when they view your content. ​We help you engage your audience, increase retention and make more money.

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SkrinAd has absolutely showed that it is a pay app. It's a great app that keeps promise and pay immediately when one requested for payout of reward. Try this app and you will thank me for it
Funso Oladipo
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SkrinAd lets you select your favorite content, and then rewards you with money when you view it.