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SkrinAd intermittently sends notifications for a brief period multimedia contents (images, videos) allowing users to interact with the contents or automatically dismissing them

For every content the user views, the user gets reward points which can get up to 4x the amount when the user interacts with the media. These reward points can be used to purchase airtime and pay bills or converted to cash.

To claim the full value of the advert, you have to click on it to view it. However you can dismiss the notification if you don’t want to view it.

SkrinAd collect personally non identifying data from your device, these data will help SkrinAd display adverts around your area and enhance your overall usage experience on the app. to know more on what we do with the data we collect or learn more about our privacy policy, please visit the privacy policy page or Contact Us directly

Exactly! The close button appears half way into the advert.

Ads comes every quarter hour ( Every 15 Min).

Yes, you need data to successfully receive notifications and view content.

Your balance reflects after you watch a number of ads. You can pull down to see the new balance on the home screen.

SkrinAd point can be spent in variety of ways, from paying bills and service or simply transfering to your bank account, SkrinAd allows you the liberty to spend what you have earned however you want

You are always in constant control of the content SkrinAd sends to your device, SkrinAd will use the categories selected on registration to define what type of content is sent to you.

At any time while using the application, you can edit these categories in your profile page to suit your new choice

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SkrinAd lets you select your favorite content, and then rewards you with money when you view it.

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